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Proskills Maid Agency Services Malaysia

Our Services

We offer nationwide placement capability for all levels of employment and are determined to extend the best service to our clients. What we do, is get the most suitable candidate for our clients, so our clients can benefit from all aspects.

Different people have different wants and different needs. At Proskills Maid Agency, we match these wants and needs to the right jobs. Then, we present our clients with the necessary information about our candidate so that optimal solutions can be made to improve motivation. The right motivation leads to an improved efficiency and proficiency. This brings to an increased productivity or output of the candidate, thus allowing our clients to get the best of their candidate and value for money.

With this, our candidate shall be contented, glad, satisfied and ultimately happy with our client that they are placed in. Consequently, our client shall prosper as our candidate shall be loyal, faithful and dedicated to our client. As a result, our client shall benefit with lower turnover and reduced replacement costs. This will ultimately be beneficial to our client in monetary terms as a result of reduced costs and also in non-monetary terms, as a lower turnover will build our clients reputation in the employment market.

At Proskills Maid Agency, your success is our pride.

Our Candidates

Our candidates are evaluated in various aspects such as ethics, professionalism and competence before they are presented to our clients. We perform tests of aptitude, speed, understanding and values to know our candidates better, to your advantage.

We take the upmost pride in our candidates and are confident in providing the best of the market. Candidates from Proskills Maid Agency have the right mind set, enabling them to excel at their jobs. We know what they want, and thus help you get what you want. It’s a win-win.

A journey of a thousand miles doesn’t begin with the first step. It actually begins with the thought of making the journey. At Proskills Maid Agency, we enforce that thought to a maximum level resulting to an unlimited potential in our candidate’s capabilities and results beyond expectation.

At Proskills Maid Agency, we take our candidates personally.

Our Aim

We thrive to give the best to our clients. Our clients have the right of getting their value for money, and we take the responsibility in making it viable. Satisfaction of our clients shall be a main priority. We thrive in helping our clients feel more than just satisfied with our services rendered.

We are determined to help our candidates achieve success. Every individual has a different definition of success at different points of their lives. At Proskills Maid Agency, we seek to understand their meaning of it and make it achievable. We believe in dreams and making them happen.

Ultimately, our aim is to revolutionize the employment industry with more effective and efficient solutions. We want to reduce the unemployment rate in Malaysia and help strengthen the Malaysian economy and in due course play a part in achieving world peace.

At Proskills Maid Agency, we are resolute in achieving our aims.

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