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Here are document require in hiring foreign maids from Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Laos and Philippines.


Documents Required For Immigration

  • Copy of Latest Income Tax Returns Forms (Borang) BE / e-BE / B / e-BE of husband and wife 
  • Latest Original EPF statement if he/she is without Income Tax Returns Forms.
  • Original letter from the company stating position and the gross salary per month. (Preferably written in Bahasa Malaysia – husband and wife)
  • Original 3 months latest pay slip of husband and wife.
  • Copy of NRIC of husband and wife.
  • Original Electricity / Telephone Bill (or any other utility bill)- if address differs from NRIC.
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate.
  • Copy of Children’s Birth Certificate.
  • Colour passport size photographs – 2 pcs each of husband and wife.
  • Self-Employed: Copy of Form 9,24 & 49 if appointed Director.
  • Medical letter for parents that are sick & copy of parents’ NRIC.
  • Sole proprietor – Copy of Borang B & Borang D

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